Sunday, 3 February 2013

Colour Block | Fashion Blog

Colour really inspires me. I only need to see something with rainbow colouring and I'm hooked! Hence why i had rainbow hair extensions when i was a teen :) and I'm really loving the colour block trend that's being seen about at the minute. Especially when its a nude, natural colour with just a flash or section of neon, bold or pastel colour incorporated in there. so here are my top picks and some inspiration for you guys from the colour block trend. Where to buy and price is below the picture, I particularly love the watch! thanks for reading as always xxx

Big Photo: b+ab at Asos £75 | From top left Topshop £20 | River island £30 | River Island £37
Whistles £135 | May 28th watch £25 | Topshop £85

Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 Facts about ME! :)

Since so many people are doing these at the minute, i figured i would jump on the band wagon and join on in! And you get to know me a little bit more :)

here we go...

1. I like dark colours (navy blue and purple are my faves)

2. I once spent £450 on real human hair extentions in rainbow colours.

3. I used to have my septum (nose) pierced - nearly fainted having it done tho.

4. I still get excited over buying teddy bears 

5. I have borderline personality disorder.

6. I am a massive disney fan/addict! :) my dream job would be to work as a character at disney world!

7. I am really quite shy.

8. I'm supposed to wear glasses for distance...but i don't.

9. I Love Pandas :P

10. I prefer to be too cold than too hot.

11. I am named after my great grandma. sarah jane :)

12.There is nothing better than wearing my boyfriends hoodies

13.I have the memory of a fish.

14. I think Cats are pretty.

15. Colour inspires me.

16. Songs can change my mood and personality in a second.

17. Im really a tomboy at heart

18. When i was a child i believed a ghost that lived in my wall pushed me out of bed. i'm pretty sure now that was just a dream.

19. I used to LIVE in uggs. i even went clubbing in them.

20. I have 2 Children Leo aged 4 and Amelia aged 2.

21. Im not a big fan of the colours orange or brown 

22. If i had had my way my son would of been called River *sigh* everyone else hated it.

23. I was a Vegan for a year. its harder than it looks.

24 I hate hate hate spiders! and heights! and mold yukkkkk!

25. I had a childhood crush on Robin Williams (the actor) when i was 8, yes strange i know :/ 

thanks for reading guys xxx if you have done one yourself please leave a blog link in the comments as i love reading them! guess im a little nosey hehe :) xxx