Thursday, 24 January 2013


  Lush is by far one of my favourite shops ever!! the stuff they make there are just gorge! so its only right that i indulge every now and then ;) this time i decided to get a few newbies to me. i purchased the Space girl bath bomb, Rose queen bath bomb and the Green bubbleroom bubble bar. i also received a free sample of the blue FUN which i used for my kids bath and although its made with lavender and is supposed to be relaxing it actually smelt of sweets :) its was lush i will definitely be buying one again to use for the kids baths in the future! also gave them a funky blue bath which was a major win for them :) The rose queen bomb smells really floral and fragrant i cant wait to use it i know its going to be great. the green bubbleroom i purchased because i wanted a clean fresh smelling bath and when i opened it to smell it smells really strong of fresh cut grass. at first i was like hmmm kinda funky but i really got used to it and i know its going to be a winner so excited to use that one too! ill keep you all posted! i used the space girl bomb last night and i am in love!! my bath was a cool purple colour and although i hate parma violets the sweets, i really love this! it smells like the parma violet sweets and i can still smell it now when i walk in my bathroom! i really recommend buying as its one of my new favourites. if you've never tried lush before..go get some bath stuff, its all brill! i promise you won't be disappointed!!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Fashion Wishlist <3

Heres some of the key fashion pieces that just literally make me go ''wow!! i gotta get me some of that!! :P'' also they are all in an affordable price range! yey! all sites are below of where to purchase!...prices range from £15-£80 xxx

River island|Topshop|Onceaponatime|H&M|Artdisco|Heroandcape

Friday, 18 January 2013

Pastel Hair *Swoon*

One of my favorite trends of 2012/13!! what i wouldnt give to have blond hair right now! but alass my hair is dark and honestly rather damaged :( no bleach for me. boo. i am just so so in love with these pastel colours though! so trendy and edgy adding the perfect touch of individuality and a tad my little pony. can never get enough of channeling that grunge look.