Friday, 5 April 2013

OOTD | Veuxdoo

Loving my new find thanks to twitter.... definitely worth a check out ladies! i purchased this brill meow tye dye tee and they have loads of other great individual things! 
so here's my ootd and how i styled the veuxdoo meow tee :P let me know if any of you check them out and what were your favourite finds? 

Top veuxdoo | Skirt H&M | Leggings New Look | Shoes River island | Jewellry New Look and River Island | Lipstick YSL 


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fresh and natural

I'm currently sat in McDonalds, purely for the monopoly stickers obviously. I get so addicted to those, and I never win either >~< and I figured I would post the make-up post I intended on doing yesterday and didn't get around too. Sorry guys. So here it is....

So my friends Sarah (same name I know :p) came over and since I didn't leave the house yesterday I needed a look that made me look respectable and fresh since I hate my look without any make-up at all!! I used my tinted moisturiser which is the Korres tinted moisturiser with watermelon extracts followed by soap and glory bronzer which is my favourite bronzer at the minute iv been using it for months now! I then followed with another soap and glory great which is the love at first blush blusher and highlighter sooo in love with this too <3 For the eyes i used my MUA nude palette in the closest skin tone match available followed by just a few easy strokes of my estee lauder sumptuous bold volume mascara which actually i find to be quite light weight and more of an every day light mascara. On my brows i used rimmels professional eye brow pencil in dark brown, a great cheap eye brow crayon and a good quick alternative to my usual eye brow pencil which is the mac crayon in spiked. i then finished off with just a touch of rimmels new apocalips liquid lipstick in shade nude eclipse.

Open Fancy | OOTD

Top: River island
Cardigan: River island
Trousers: H&M
Bracelets: New Look
Brooch: River Island

Sooo not my usual style >.<  my look today is somewhat well dressed...kind of a lunch date in town but still kinda casual look. Its slouchy so i'm a fan! These trousers are some of my faves. they are big and baggy and boyish and have a smart casualness about them that just makes any casual funky tee look cool as f**k kid. they were from H&M a couple of seasons ago and make a refreshing change from denim jeans. Since these are a few seasons old h&m don't have the same to buy any longer :( booo! but i did notice this lush pair that i may need to snap up myself very very soon!

What can i say about the cardigan.....every outfit for me is MADE with a slouchy cardigan! i live in the things xP but this one was bought from River Island just recently and its so good my mum actually has the same one but in grey! mother, daughter love for this one. It also washes and dries really well too....which is always good to know :) 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Colour Block | Fashion Blog

Colour really inspires me. I only need to see something with rainbow colouring and I'm hooked! Hence why i had rainbow hair extensions when i was a teen :) and I'm really loving the colour block trend that's being seen about at the minute. Especially when its a nude, natural colour with just a flash or section of neon, bold or pastel colour incorporated in there. so here are my top picks and some inspiration for you guys from the colour block trend. Where to buy and price is below the picture, I particularly love the watch! thanks for reading as always xxx

Big Photo: b+ab at Asos £75 | From top left Topshop £20 | River island £30 | River Island £37
Whistles £135 | May 28th watch £25 | Topshop £85

Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 Facts about ME! :)

Since so many people are doing these at the minute, i figured i would jump on the band wagon and join on in! And you get to know me a little bit more :)

here we go...

1. I like dark colours (navy blue and purple are my faves)

2. I once spent £450 on real human hair extentions in rainbow colours.

3. I used to have my septum (nose) pierced - nearly fainted having it done tho.

4. I still get excited over buying teddy bears 

5. I have borderline personality disorder.

6. I am a massive disney fan/addict! :) my dream job would be to work as a character at disney world!

7. I am really quite shy.

8. I'm supposed to wear glasses for distance...but i don't.

9. I Love Pandas :P

10. I prefer to be too cold than too hot.

11. I am named after my great grandma. sarah jane :)

12.There is nothing better than wearing my boyfriends hoodies

13.I have the memory of a fish.

14. I think Cats are pretty.

15. Colour inspires me.

16. Songs can change my mood and personality in a second.

17. Im really a tomboy at heart

18. When i was a child i believed a ghost that lived in my wall pushed me out of bed. i'm pretty sure now that was just a dream.

19. I used to LIVE in uggs. i even went clubbing in them.

20. I have 2 Children Leo aged 4 and Amelia aged 2.

21. Im not a big fan of the colours orange or brown 

22. If i had had my way my son would of been called River *sigh* everyone else hated it.

23. I was a Vegan for a year. its harder than it looks.

24 I hate hate hate spiders! and heights! and mold yukkkkk!

25. I had a childhood crush on Robin Williams (the actor) when i was 8, yes strange i know :/ 

thanks for reading guys xxx if you have done one yourself please leave a blog link in the comments as i love reading them! guess im a little nosey hehe :) xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013


  Lush is by far one of my favourite shops ever!! the stuff they make there are just gorge! so its only right that i indulge every now and then ;) this time i decided to get a few newbies to me. i purchased the Space girl bath bomb, Rose queen bath bomb and the Green bubbleroom bubble bar. i also received a free sample of the blue FUN which i used for my kids bath and although its made with lavender and is supposed to be relaxing it actually smelt of sweets :) its was lush i will definitely be buying one again to use for the kids baths in the future! also gave them a funky blue bath which was a major win for them :) The rose queen bomb smells really floral and fragrant i cant wait to use it i know its going to be great. the green bubbleroom i purchased because i wanted a clean fresh smelling bath and when i opened it to smell it smells really strong of fresh cut grass. at first i was like hmmm kinda funky but i really got used to it and i know its going to be a winner so excited to use that one too! ill keep you all posted! i used the space girl bomb last night and i am in love!! my bath was a cool purple colour and although i hate parma violets the sweets, i really love this! it smells like the parma violet sweets and i can still smell it now when i walk in my bathroom! i really recommend buying as its one of my new favourites. if you've never tried lush before..go get some bath stuff, its all brill! i promise you won't be disappointed!!