Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 Facts about ME! :)

Since so many people are doing these at the minute, i figured i would jump on the band wagon and join on in! And you get to know me a little bit more :)

here we go...

1. I like dark colours (navy blue and purple are my faves)

2. I once spent £450 on real human hair extentions in rainbow colours.

3. I used to have my septum (nose) pierced - nearly fainted having it done tho.

4. I still get excited over buying teddy bears 

5. I have borderline personality disorder.

6. I am a massive disney fan/addict! :) my dream job would be to work as a character at disney world!

7. I am really quite shy.

8. I'm supposed to wear glasses for distance...but i don't.

9. I Love Pandas :P

10. I prefer to be too cold than too hot.

11. I am named after my great grandma. sarah jane :)

12.There is nothing better than wearing my boyfriends hoodies

13.I have the memory of a fish.

14. I think Cats are pretty.

15. Colour inspires me.

16. Songs can change my mood and personality in a second.

17. Im really a tomboy at heart

18. When i was a child i believed a ghost that lived in my wall pushed me out of bed. i'm pretty sure now that was just a dream.

19. I used to LIVE in uggs. i even went clubbing in them.

20. I have 2 Children Leo aged 4 and Amelia aged 2.

21. Im not a big fan of the colours orange or brown 

22. If i had had my way my son would of been called River *sigh* everyone else hated it.

23. I was a Vegan for a year. its harder than it looks.

24 I hate hate hate spiders! and heights! and mold yukkkkk!

25. I had a childhood crush on Robin Williams (the actor) when i was 8, yes strange i know :/ 

thanks for reading guys xxx if you have done one yourself please leave a blog link in the comments as i love reading them! guess im a little nosey hehe :) xxx

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